Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5: Building the Roof

After the new walls and floor trusses were in it was time to put on the roof.

(Click on any image for a larger view.)

Figuring out the angles to cut on each end of the rafter was a bit of a challenge.  As was getting all the tops of the rafters to line up in the same plane--despite all my hard work getting things square down below, the top plates of one of the walls weren't properly aligned.  This meant I needed to custom fit each rafter rather than making a template and cutting them all the same.

Nice view of the Loop skyline.
What would later become my attic.
Those square openings in the rafters are for the skylights above my interior staircase.

An operable skylight installed.

Another skylight opening, this one sits above the bathroom.  There are a total of five on the whole roof.

My friend Andy, and his helper, were indispensable.  Especially when it came to working up high.  Here Andy pokes his head out of a skylight opening to install the first layer of roofing material.

Another shot of Andy in action.  I swear he's part billy goat.

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  1. I didn't know you had an attic.

    Fascinating, Bruce, esp for those of us who've visited the elegant finished product.